Dear MID Ratepayers,

As the volunteer chair of your Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) Advisory Board, I have a front-row seat to the changes going on in downtown Seattle.

Our area’s natural beauty, strong economy, cultural amenities and other attractions continue to draw more companies, workers, residents and visitors.

And as downtown grows and evolves, the MID is here, working to ensure our center city stays healthy and vibrant.
Since 1999, MID-funded ambassadors have been keeping the public areas of downtown clean, safe and welcoming through our partnership with the Downtown Seattle Association.

Financed by tax assessments on downtown properties, the MID funds cleaning, safety, hospitality and homeless outreach services in six downtown neighborhoods. MID funding also supports economic development, including retail recruitment, park and urban realm improvements, marketing and transportation services for employers.

This past year, we increased capacity to meet the needs of a growing downtown. We hired more ambassadors, expanded hours of service and added specialized new cleaning equipment.

Thank you for your continued support and investment in making downtown Seattle one of the best downtowns in the country.
If you’d like to receive periodic updates from us electronically, please send your email address to: Emily Bailor at


Aaron Blankers, Chair

MID Ratepayer Advisory Board
Washington Holdings

Aaron Blankers

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