Info for Condo Residents


Residential condo owners do not receive bills directly from the city. The assessment bill is sent to your condo complex’s homeowners’ association. As per the ordinance, the entire complex is billed at a maximum rate of $125 per residential unit with an annual adjustment for inflation. (It might be lower if the Base Assessment or other ceiling is lower).

For the 2021-2022 assessment year, after adjusting for inflation, condo associations are assessed approximately $148 per residential unit. Click here for more information on assessment ceilings and historical inflation data.

Note: It is at the discretion of the homeowner’s association to decide how the total assessment is apportioned to individual condo owners, please reach out to your condo board for more information.

Residential Ceiling Adjustments over Time

2013 N/A $125
2014 1.3% $127
2015 1.84% $129
2016 1.36% $131
2017 2.21% $134
2018 3.00% $138
2019 3.00% $142
2020 2.54% $145
2021 1.69% $148


Owners of commercial condos receive bills directly from the city. Their units are not added to the overall residential unit count, but are assessed as a standalone property. Commercial condo owners are responsible for a portion of the land square footage of the entire condo complex.

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